Studebaker, plátanos y machete,
Fiberglass, steel and paint, 2018

Miguel Luciano


The centerpiece of the museum’s terrace is the sculpture titled Studebaker, plátanos y machete by internationally recognized artist Miguel Luciano. Commissioned by the museum, the sculpture was inspired by the distinctive truck design owned by the museum’s founder, Eduardo Méndez Bagur, making this piece an eye-catching homage to Don Eduardo’s legacy.

The sculpture was molded from a 1949 Studebaker 2R pickup truck, which was designed by Robert Bourke for the firm of Raymond Loewy and Associates and produced in South Bend, Indiana. Studebaker automobiles were known for their simple, modern, streamlined designs symbolic of speed and progress—ideals that drove (pun intended) much of the industrial production of the mid-twentieth century.

Luciano’s Studebaker, with its glossy, iridescent, reflective finish, alludes to the modern fascination for polished objects and is distinguished by its playfulness and its Pop Art influences. The sculpture resembles a gigantic toy, which makes it immediately attractive to the child in all of us, but also turns the terrace into a fun creative space to hang out in.

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