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After her arrival in Puerto Rico in 1965, SUZI FERRER (1940 – 2006) inserted herself into the local art scene and worked actively with cultural institutions and galleries.

Ferrer was one of the first women in Puerto Rico to have worked in the genre of installation art, using materials such as plexiglass and wooded panels as the primary elements for her sculpture series.

In the 1970s, influenced by women’s liberation and feminist movements, Ferrer produced her most sophisticated works, which explore and allude to the feminine experience, as they challenge social norms and confront gender roles.

This exhibition, curated by art historian Melissa M. Ramos Borges, focuses on redeeming the work of Suzi Ferrer, whose short but prolific career as an artist in Puerto Rico fell into oblivion when she left the island and moved to California in 1975.

Exhibition Opening: SEPTEMBER 2021